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Releasing That Which No Longer Serves You
By Louise Yoko

Visualise roots growing out of the souls of your feet, grounding you to Mother Earth.

The angels now surround you with a magnificent golden light of love and protection.  You are completely safe and protected.

This light is drawn into your body through your crown chakra.  It travels down past your neck and shoulders releasing any stress that you might be holding.  Feel it gently moving down your back caressing every cell that it goes through completely dissolving any tension. This warm soft light flows through your hips, down both of your legs and into your feet, soothing and relaxing you as it does.  You feel very relaxed, safe and comfortable.

Now find yourself in a wonderful transparent bubble floating high up in the ethers.  This bubble contains all of the colors of the rainbow that magically fuse together to produce the most amazing color that you have ever seen.  Your guardian angel is with you and you are completely safe.  The bubble is moving slowly and gently.  You notice that there are many other bubbles of varying colors floating by and these bubbles are surrounded by angels.  Some of these bubbles contain things that may have happened to you in the previous year that could have been either very stressful or upsetting and some of them contain wonderful, exciting and happy memories.

Your guardian angel tells you that you now have an opportunity to pop the bubbles that may be holding you back from everything you want to achieve in this new and exciting year that you are now entering.  You also have the opportunity to merge your bubble with the bubbles that contain all the good memories from last year that you want to keep with you.

Your guardian angel hands you a beam of golden, silver, violet light that resembles a sword and tells you that you can use this beam of light to pop all the bubbles containing the negative experiences.  The beam feels cool and comforting in your hand. Take time now to find the bubbles containing all of these negative experiences, pop them and watch as these negative times, feelings and memories evaporate.   Enjoy the feeling of release that popping these bubbles will bring you.

If you are concerned that there may be some bubbles that you have forgotten to pop ask the angels that surround all the bubbles to pop the ones that no longer serve you and that may hold you back.  Know that they will pop all of these remaining bubbles.

Your guardian angel now hands you a golden beam of light with a net on the end that has been weaved with a very fine thread.  Notice how it feels in your hands.  Now look for the bubbles containing all of the good memories and things that you want to keep with you.  Use your net to catch these bubbles.  As you catch them become aware that your bubble is growing in size with all the wonderful memories and experiences that you are now adding.

You experience an overwhelming sense of happiness and excitement for the new year ahead.  Knowing that you have released that which no longer serves you and have increased that which will enhance and empower your life.

Once again, if there are any bubbles that you may have forgotten, ask the angels that are surrounding all the bubbles to join these bubbles with your bubble and know that these wonderful memories and feelings will forever be with you.

Your unicorn enters your bubble and has a very special message for you, one that will be very meaningful for this year ahead.  Take time to listen to this message.

You thank him or her and they leave.  Your guardian angel tells you that your bubble full of wonderful memories will always be there for you to return to whenever you want. You thank your guardian angel.

Feel yourself back in the room.  Rub your fingers together and wriggle your toes and when you are ready open your eyes.