Releasing Old Patterns And Beliefs with Archangel Gabriel

/Releasing Old Patterns And Beliefs with Archangel Gabriel
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Releasing Old Patterns and Beliefs  with Archangel Gabriel

By Susan van Heerden


Sit comfortably with your hands in your lap.  Take a few deep cleansing breaths and feel your shoulders relaxing.

Breathe in the pure clean air; breathe out all stress and tension……………..

Keep breathing deeply and evenly, deeply and evenly……

Feel your feet on the ground, strong roots growing down from the soles of your feet anchoring you firmly to the heart of Mother Earth……….

Archangel Michael stands beside you, and places his Blue Cloak of Protection over your shoulders ………………..   You are quite safe.

You find yourself walking in a forest on a moonlit evening.  Your Guardian Angel is walking beside you, and you know that you are perfectly safe and protected.

A bright full moon hangs in the sky above you, lighting up your path. The path is wide and smooth, and you feel its soft sandiness under your feet as you walk.  Huge and ancient trees on either side of the path whisper softly to one another in the light evening breeze.  You can hear the crickets chirping, and the forest air is crisp and refreshing.  You are completely at peace.

Ahead of you, the path begins to widen, and you hear the sound of running water. You and your Angel step out onto the banks of a breathtakingly beautiful pool of clear blue water.  Moonlight and starlight sparkle playfully across its surface.  A small silvery white waterfall cascades into the pool on one side, and water flows slowly and gently out of the pool and downstream on the other.

You become aware of a light to one side of you which is growing brighter and brighter. You turn around and a magnificent Angel is smiling in greeting.  His robes are pure white, and he exudes a dazzling white light that lights up the clearing.

He tells you that he is the Archangel Gabriel, and that one of his tasks is to help you release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.  He has guided you to this place at this time to help you with this process.





Archangel Gabriel invites you to sit with him at the edge of the pool. He places a hand on top of your head to help ‘light up’ old patterns and beliefs which may be hindering your progress.

He asks you to think of all the situations in your life which you find difficult, all the patterns that seem to keep endlessly repeating themselves……………..

He asks you to focus on identifying any old beliefs which may be causing needless problems and self-sabotage…………..

Archangel Gabriel tells you to reach out with one hand and let your fingertips rest gently in the water.  As you do so, allow all of the beliefs and patterns which you would like to release to flow down your arm and into the water…….

Be aware of the water cleansing and dissolving all that you are sending it.  Watch as the dancing moonlight and starlight illuminate all negativity and stagnation.  Feel the lightness as the remnants of all that you are releasing float gently out of the pool and down the stream……..

Now the Archangel takes your hand and asks you to step into the pool with him. The water is not very deep, and you follow him in.  Take a moment to enjoy sinking into the cool water…………..

He guides you to the waterfall, and you step under it, feeling the crystal clear water cleansing you on all levels………………

Archangel Gabriel leads you out of the pool and back onto the bank.  The air is pleasantly warm and you dry quickly.

Archangel Gabriel explains that you are now completely cleansed and rejuvenated, and ready to invite new thoughts and behaviours into your life.  He asks you to stand up and stretch both arms out towards the full moon with palms turned upwards.  Feel the soft moonlight flowing up your arms, filling you with a wonderful sense of peace and understanding………………………..

Now he tells you to scoop up the moonlight with both hands and place your cupped hands over your heart.  Feel the love and wisdom as it fills your heart and spreads through your body and your aura…………………………

Archangel Gabriel tells you have been through a powerful process to release all old patterns and beliefs, and you are now ready and equipped to cultivate new, positive and productive ways.   He thanks you for being willing to make this shift for yourself as well as for the others in your life which will it affect.  He tells you that the ripple effect of these changes will ultimately help to heal mankind and Mother Earth.



He also tells you that you may return to this pool to repeat the cleansing and releasing process any time you wish, and that he will always be there to help you.

It is now time to take your leave.  Before you go, Archangel Gabriel hands you a gift to remind of the process you have experienced with him.  Look carefully to see what he has given you.

You thank Archangel Gabriel, and you and your Guardian Angel turn to leave, returning the way you came.

Find yourself back in the room.  Feel your back against the chair and your feet on the ground.  Rub your thumbs over your fingers.  When you are ready, open your eyes.