Releasing Negative Karma With Archangel Zadkiel

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Releasing Negative Karma With Archangel Zadkiel By Eli-
Ann Leeming

Make sure that you are sitting comfortably, close your eyes and breathe deeply and evenly a few times. Feel yourself relax deeper into your chair with each breath you release. Let your “in” breath travel through your body, across your brow, down to your fingertips, down your body to your feet. As you breathe out release your stress, clearing your mind.

Strong green roots grow from under the soles of your feet and push into Mother Earth firmly anchoring you to the land. Archangel Michael places his royal blue cloak of protection around you and secures it firmly from your feet to up under your chin. He pulls the hood over your crown and third eye chakra. You are safe, protected and grounded.

Keeping your eyes closed continue to breathe deeply and evenly.

You find yourself standing barefoot on a soft carpet of grass – feel the cool grass under your feet – you look up and see the stars twinkling in the night sky. A gentle breeze drifts across your shoulders and it brings with it an aroma of sandalwood, violets  and rosemary. The moon is full and gives a soft light for you to see all around.

Ahead of you is a hill and as you look closer you see an entrance to a cave from where a soft violet light shines.

You walk towards the cave and become aware of a gentle sound, similar to tiny bells ringing. As you approach the entrance of the cave you notice that it is filled with beautiful Violet, deep Indigo Blue, soft pink, and turquoise lights. The gentle sound you hear is coming from the crystals and it soothes you.

You enter the cave and a warmth spreads through your body – you feel safe and secure. The energy is peaceful, soft and gentle.

You continue walking further into the cave and come across a pool of water in the centre which reflects the colours of the crystals onto the stalactites and stalagmites around the cavern.

The slight movement on top of the pool is created by a gentle, short waterfall.

There are small fires of Violet flame dotted around the pool and waterfall.

Standing next to the pool is a magnificent figure glowing with radiant Violet light.

He turns slowly to face you and bids you draw closer to him. It is Archangel Zadkiel.

He takes your hand and asks you to stand in a small riverlet running next to him.

You look down at your body and see that your clothes have turned into a soft silk tunic.

Archangel Zadkiel turns to the waterfall and cups his hands to catch some water, then he turns back to you and pours the water over your head. As it touches your body it turns into a small mauve flame that moves down your head…shoulders…torso…arms…legs…and feet.

You are quite safe and the flame feels like velvet.

Archangel Zadkiel explains that as the flame moves down your body it is helping to release the negative karma that has collected from this lifetime.

Now Archangel Zadkiel places his hand onto your forehead and a large Violet velvet flame gently enfolds your entire body purifying and cleansing you of any deep-seated, stagnant, negative karma brought forwards from previous lifetimes.

As the flames subside the negativity drains from you into the riverlet and he transmutes it into Love before it collects into the pool below.

You are feeling refreshed and light and turn to Archangel Zadkiel as he  bends down and picks up a beautiful smooth palm-sized Amethyst and hands it to you.

He says that anytime you wish to come back and visit him in the cave, all you have to do is hold this Crystal and you’ll be transported there. He will be waiting for you and will help you release any negative karma you wish him to.

He will transmute it into Love.

You thank him for all he has done and slowly walk back to the entrance of the cave.

Along the way you notice that the tunic you were wearing has changed back into your original clothing.

At the entrance of the cave you turn around and take in one more glimpse of this magical place and smile.

You walk out into the warm evening air and again see the twinkling stars above, but this time you are filled with contentment and joy.

You walk back to the grass where you first started and start to bring your awareness back to the room. Breathe deeply and evenly.  Stretch your fingers and toes, feel your feet firmly on the ground, and, when you are ready, slowly open your eyes.

Thank you Archangel Zadkiel for sharing your Violet Flames of Transmutation, Purification and Love with each one of us.