Reconciliation And Peace With Archangel Uriel – By Margi Mcalpine

/Reconciliation And Peace With Archangel Uriel – By Margi Mcalpine
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Reconciliation And Peace With Archangel Uriel – By Margi Mcalpine

Close your eyes and breathe deeply and evenly, deeply and evenly.

Become aware of your feet firmly on the ground.

Beautiful little golden roots anchoring you to the magical energy of the African soil.

Be aware of the mighty Archangel Michael standing beside you. Guiding you and protecting you on your journey.

Continue to breathe deeply and evenly, deeply and evenly.

Every breath you take making you more and more relaxed.

Feeling very warm, very safe, very comfortable.

Taking you to a safe and special space within from where you are able to connect and interact with the Beings of Light.

Breathing deeply and evenly, deeply and evenly.

You find yourself out in nature.  Be aware of your Guardian Angel standing beside you.

You are in a beautiful green valley walking along a little pathway.

On both sides of you are the most beautiful gold, red and blue flowers.

The colours are spectacular and the flowers shimmer in the golden sunlight.

The clear sky is a startling blue.

Feel the sun on your face and shoulders.

Feel the earth underneath your feet and the sand and grass between your toes.

You take a moment to smell the flowers and enjoy the spectacle.

As you walk along, you come to a clearing which has a circle of citrine stones in the centre.

As you walk into the circle, you become aware of beautiful creamy coloured angels with huge, soft wings surrounding the circle.

They are radiant, luminous beings.

These are Peace Angels who work with the Mighty Archangel Uriel.

As the Peace Angels step aside you see that Archangel Uriel is waiting for you.

He radiates the most amazing ruby coloured light and you find the energy and strength coming from this Archangel almost overwhelming!

He greets you and says that he is the Archangel in charge of the Solar Plexus area, gall bladder, liver and pancreas.

He says he knows that the Planet is having problems with reconciliation and peace and that he is here to assist you to resolve these issues.  He says the emotions of fear and anger that relate to these issues are preventing mankind from having peace, harmony and love in their lives.

He says that if each and every one of us created peace and harmony in our own lives then the world would be at peace and harmonious.

He tells you that you have the power to release any person or emotion that is holding you back and that only you have that power.

He takes his shield of peace and harmony and places it in front of your Solar Plexus and tells you that this will give you the courage to let go of this debilitating situation.

You feel your Solar Plexus chakra start to spin in perfect balance and as it does so it starts to relax…………………………..

He asks you to visualize the person or situation that you are having issues with in this life time and says that you need to use your personal power now to change this situation…………………………..

By releasing anger you will be able to forgive everyone and set yourself free.

By releasing hurt you will be able to leave the sadness behind and live in peace.

By releasing guilt you will be able to forgive yourself and you will be free.

By releasing blame you will stop judging and condemning.

He asks you now to hand this over to these Angels of Peace so that you can enjoy vitality, peace and love.

You have a choice.

You can choose the path of love, light and happiness.


You can choose the path of fear, anger, guilt and darkness.

The angels are waiting for you to make your choice.

Hand all the negative things in your life over to them so that you are able to start anew.

Tell them what it is that you are giving to them to get rid of for you………………………………..

See them taking all the negative emotions and transmuting them into love and light which they give to Mother Earth to help release her negative energies and create peace.

Now that you have handed this over to the angels, you have a sense of freedom and lightness.

Your Solar Plexus feels warm and comfortable.

And you feel your heart expanding more and more with unconditional love.

The Angels of Peace are surrounding you with their beautiful soft light.

And Archangel Uriel enfolds you in his wonderful light.

You feel completely safe and secure.

He touches your Solar Plexus and you breathe in warm, golden energy.

He asks you to breathe out all your negativities and fears and breathe in gold.

And as you do so the energy of Planet Earth starts to change.

The feeling of peace and harmony starts to move from you out into your surrounding area and then from there further and further afield until eventually the whole world is enveloped in peace and harmony…………………………….

Archangel Uriel now asks you to continue to do this on a regular basis so that Planet Earth has time to heal and that all who live on her understand the need for respect and reverence for each other and every other living thing as well as Mother Earth.

Archangel Uriel says he is now going to give you his shield of peace and harmony by placing it into the aura of your Solar Plexus to protect you and assist you on your way forward. This is a special gift from him that will help to protect your Solar Plexus from negative energies always. He says that the gold and rubies decorating the shield are materials from his own energy.

You now stand fearless, wise, strong, courageous and gentle.

Feel the golden aura around you………………………………………

Archangel Uriel now blesses you and you thank him for his gifts that he has given you today.

You are now able to go through life with serenity and calmness.

You will live in harmony with everyone and everything.

He says that you can connect to him whenever you wish to do so. You merely need to invoke him and he will be there.

You thank him and then with your Guardian Angel at your side you return to the path taking you back to where you started……………………………..

As you walk along the path, a white dove of peace comes and sits on your shoulder.

You have a wonderful overwhelming feeling of peace, warmth and tranquility.

Now start to bring your awareness back to the room.

Become aware of your surroundings.

Rub your thumbs across the top of your fingertips.

Rotate your feet and wrists.

When you are ready, slowly open your eyes feeling wonderful and relaxed.