Opening The Heart Chakra To Experience Love And Oneness With Archangel Chamuel

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Opening The Heart Chakra To Experience Love And Oneness With Archangel Chamuel By Rathnei Munian

Create a scared place for yourself.  Please light some candles and incense.  You can play very soft music in the background.

Sit comfortably on a chair and please ensure that you cell phone is switched off.  Close your eyes and breathe deeply and evenly, deeply and evenly.  Your entire body is becoming more and more relaxed.

Become aware of your feet firmly on the ground .Imagine beautiful roots growing from under your feet anchoring you firmly to the wonderful energies   of mother earth.

The mighty and powerful Archangel Michael stands behind you with his royal blue cloak of protection, he places this around your shoulders. Become aware of the cloak on your shoulders.  He then zips up the cloak from the bottom of your feet right up to your chin.  He covers your head with the hood so that your third eye and crown chakra are protected.

You are now grounded and protected.

Continue to breathe deeply and evenly, and deeply and evenly . . .

You are sitting in a park on a bench watching the children playing. You listen to their laughter, and how you wish you could be a child again. This has been a very stressful and tiring year for you.

As you watch the children playing you become aware of a beautiful and loving presence of someone next to you.  You look and see a pink angel. He smiles and he tells you that he has come to take you to meet Archangel Chamuel who is the Archangel of unconditional love. He gently takes you by the hand and you both start walking.  For the first time you notice how magnificent the flowers in the park look, they are shimmering in the sun.  There is a fresh, flowery smell in the air.  The birds are merrily chirping.  Notice how the warmth of the sun embraces your body.  The angel plucks a beautiful pink rose and gives this to you and you thank him.  The rose is perfectly shaped and there is soft light that radiates from the rose.  After you admire the rose, you place it in your hair.

You realise that you are no longer at the park but in garden, an enchanted garden.  There are all different shapes and sizes of dazzling pink flowers.  The flowers are all different shades of pink. The benches in the garden are made of rose quartz.  There is a small waterfall in the garden which is crystal clear.  The angel leaves you in the garden.    You sit down and breathe in all the peace and tranquility of this garden.  You close your eyes and listen to the angelic sound of the waterfall.

The angel comes back and he gently beckons you to come with him.  At the bottom of the garden there is a pink marble staircase that leads up to a pink temple. With the angel you walk up the stairs and enter the temple.   In the temple there are more pink angels. They smile and look at you.  You can feel the love that comes from them.

You and the angel now walk down a long passage.  At the end of the passage there is a room with a desk and a chair. The angel tells you to sit down and he gives you a pen and some paper.  He asks you to write down all the traumatic things that you have experienced, incidents that have made you angry and unhappy and all negative traits and thought patterns that you want to release.

When you are finished writing, the angels takes this and places it in a huge golden bowl with the Golden Silver Violet Flame in it.  It is now transmuted with unconditional love and light and is sent back to the Universe with light and love.

It is now time for you to meet the mighty and powerful Archangel Chamuel.  You and the angel step into another room where Archangel Chamuel is sitting on a throne.  The angel leaves you alone with Archangel Chamuel.  Archangel Chamuel smiles at you and beckons you to move forward. You kneel in front of him and he places his hand above your Crown Chakra.  Feel how his unconditional loves flows from your Crown Chakra to every part of your body.

Archangel Chamuel invites you to lie down on a bed made of rose quartz.  He places a pink rose bud on your Heart Chakra.  He holds both his hands over the bud. Beautiful pink light comes from his palms and covers the bud. As he does so the bud slowly starts to open petal by petal and then blossoms into a beautiful light pink rose.  At the same time your Heart Chakra is being filled with unconditional love and starts to expand and expand.  The rose radiates light that fills your Heart Charka.  Feel how Archangel Chamuel’s unconditional love and light spreads from your Heart Chakra to every cell in your body.  Feel how this wondrous new energy makes every cell in your body tingle and glow with unconditional love.

Take a few moments to experience oneness and unconditional love with Archangel Chamuel…..

Archangel Chamuel tells you that he wants you to spread this unconditional love and light to everyone that you come into contact with.  You thank him.

The pink angel returns and takes your hand. You step out of the room and walk down the passage and back into the room with the all the other angels.  You then walk down pink stairs back into the enchanted garden. You are smiling and talking to the angel and as you walk through the park you hear the laughter of the children.

You and the angel walk return to the bench that you were sitting on and he gives you a hug.  He also gives you a little rose quartz stone as a gift.  You thank him.

Now slowly bring your awareness back to the room.  Wriggle your toes and fingers and gently open your eyes ensuring that you are grounded.