Nourishment of Africa and Archangel Afrael

/Nourishment of Africa and Archangel Afrael
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MEDITATION FULL MOON – FEB 2020 – Nourishment of Africa and Archangel Afrael

Feel your feet planted firmly on the ground. Feel golden roots grounding you to the African soil, wrapping themselves around a carnelian crystal. Feel the energy of the carnelian crystal moving back up through the roots into the soles of your feet. Archangel Afrael places an orange cloak for protection around you, which he zips up from your feet to under your chin and places a hood over your head covering your third eye.

Archangel Afrael asks you to connect with nourishing healing energy of the carnelian crystal. Feel the warmth and energy of the crystal as it moves through your body, entering and energizing every cell of your body. Feel this crystal light energy move through your calves, your thighs, your stomach, your chest, your neck to the top of your head.  Take a few moments to connect with this crystal light energy. Feel this nourishing energy now move out through your aura and the light bodies surrounding your physical body.

Know that you are safe and secure. Feel the presence of your guardian angel beside you. He tells you that you are going to be accompanying Archangel Afrael on a special voyage today. He asks you to take a seat on a magical glider where he and Archangel Afrael will accompany you. You are safe and secure.

As you each take your seats and get comfortable, the magical glider begins to lift slowly into the air, flying steadily and evenly as you begin your voyage. You notice that there is a beam of white light being projected towards the ground below filled with little golden silver stars.  Archangel Afrael tells you that your voyage today is a flight across the African continent where this beam of light will be projected onto this special African continent and the energy of these little golden silver stars will enter the crown chakra of all the beings and living creatures on the African continent.

On entering the crown chakra the little golden silver stars will begin a spiritual nourishment process working their way through all the chakras.  From the crown, to the third eye chakra, to the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the sacral chakra and the base chakra, cleansing and filling each chakra with this golden silver light.

Take a few now moments to visualize your journey across the African continent in the magical glider as it projects this beam of light on the land below, with the golden silver stars entering the crown chakras of all the beings and creatures living on this land.   You begin your voyage in South Africa and move northwards until you reach the Northern part of Africa, watch as the beam covers the entire continent.

You then return to South Africa and gently glide back to the place you began this magical voyage. You thank your guardian angel and Archangel Afrael for accompanying you on this journey.

You now find yourself sitting on a comfortable velvet chair with Archangel Afrael standing before you.  He asks if you could focus on your spiritual nourishment and make it a priority in your life. He says that it is important to focus on your spiritual nourishment during these turbulent times.   Spend a few moments now asking him any questions you would like to in relation to this.  He now places a carnelian crystal in your solar plexus chakra and asks you to connect with the energy of this crystal as a reminder of the spiritual nourishment work you need to focus on.

You thank him for this information. He greets you and steps away.

Slowly feel yourself coming back to the room, rub your thumb over your fingers and slowly open your eyes when you are ready.

Write down any information you may have received from Archangel Afrael as a reminder.

D Sampson – for Full moon meditation Feb 2020