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New Beginnings With Archangel Uriel By Sue van Heerden

Sit comfortably, with your back straight and your hands resting in your lap.  Breathe deeply and evenly, deeply and evenly.  Feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed, as all stress and tension melts away.  Breathe deeply and evenly, deeply and evenly……….

Feel strong roots pushing into the ground from below your feet, spreading downwards and outwards, anchoring you firmly to Mother Earth.

Archangel Michael places his blue cloak of protection around your shoulders, and covers your head with the hood.  You are completely safe and protected.

Find yourself in a forest, with your Guardian Angel walking beside you.  You are walking along a winding path, and you hear and feel the gravel crunching under your feet.  The air is pleasantly warm, the sun dances on your shoulders, and the pungent fresh scent of the trees is sharp and refreshing.  Birds call overhead, and you feel completely at peace.

Your Guardian Angel leads you towards a grassy clearing.  In the centre of the clearing a magnificent golden angel is waiting for you.  He has enormous glowing wings, and he is holding a ruby shield.  He smiles in greeting as you walk into the clearing, and you stand in front of him in awe of his presence.  He tells you that he is Archangel Uriel, and that he is here to help you shed what no longer serves you and focus on new beginnings.

He asks you and your Guardian Angel to walk with him, and you follow him further into the forest.  You stop next to a large flat rock.  On top of the rock is a crystal bowl full to the brim with beautiful pink and white rose petals.

Archangel Uriel asks you to think of all the things in your life that are weighing you down and that no longer serve you.  Take a moment to think about this…………


He asks you now to scoop up a handful of the soft sweetly scented petals and blow into them, releasing all your negatives, fears, and dysfunctional patterns  into the petals with your breath……..

With your rose petals still in your hands, Archangel Uriel walks with you to the bank of a nearby stream.  The water is crystal clear, and you can see the white pebbles on the bed of the stream through the gently flowing water.

Archangel Uriel asks you to throw your rose petals into the stream, releasing all the negative and out-dated aspects of your life into the cleansing water.  Open your hands and let the petals fall into the water, and watch as they are carried slowly downstream…….

Now he asks you to step into the stream with him.  You feel quite safe as you do so.  Immerse yourself in the cool water, feel it cleansing and purifying your system as it washes away the last remnants of the old………

Archangel Uriel leads you back to the bank of the stream where you dry off quickly in the warm sun.  He asks you focus on what you would like to manifest in your life.  Think carefully about this …..……

Feeling light and refreshed, you turn to walk back along the path into the forest.  As you do so, you see a beautiful golden doorway forming in front of you.  Beyond the doorway is a shimmering golden light, and as you watch, everything that you have just visualised for yourself begins to take shape within this light. Archangel Uriel is standing next to the doorway, and he invites you to step through it.  Step through the doorway and claim your new beginning…….……..

You find yourself back in the clearing with Archangel Uriel and your Guardian Angel. Archangel Uriel thanks you for having the courage to let go of the old and create a new way of being for yourself.  He holds out his hand and offers you a gift ………………

It is time for you to take your leave.  Thank the Archangel for this wonderful process and your gift, and take your leave.

Feel yourself back in your chair, bring your awareness to behind your eyes, move your fingers and toes, and when you are ready open your eyes.