How To Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts With Archangel Gabriel by Helena McLeod

/How To Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts With Archangel Gabriel by Helena McLeod
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How To Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts with Archangel Gabriel – By Helena McLeod

Relax, close your eyes and imagine beautiful golden roots growing out of the soles of your feet. Archangel Michael stands behind you and wraps his blue wings around your shoulders.

You feel his calm power envelope you so you feel completely safe. Now imagine you are standing in a beautiful moonlit field. This is the field of your inner consciousness.

The sky above is a deep blue, with stars flickering like diamonds. Around you, you can see the silhouettes of huge mountains on either side.

You are standing in a flat field in between these two mountain ranges.

In front of you, you see a beautiful figure, bright and glowing pure white. It is Archangel Gabriel. To the left of you there is a lake. It is the Lake of Understanding. Within the skin of this lake lies all the understanding and knowledge that the human race has ever possessed. This is much greater than what humans of today know, it encompasses all the times of Atlantis and Lemuria, of the ancient Egyptians.

This knowledge is great and powerful. You are ready to receive its wisdom.

Within this lake lies the information you need to awaken your spiritual gifts. Archangel Gabriel crosses to you and takes your hand, guiding you towards the lake.

Feel the solid earth beneath your feet. Walk firmly across the ground to the edge of the lake.

The moon is full and pregnant in the sky. Feel its silver light on your skin and see it reflected in the surface of the lake – see the brightness of Archangel Gabriel reflected in the lake so brightly it almost seems like daylight. Now walk a few paces into the lake. The water is warm and refreshing. Bend down and look deeply into the water.

You see something shining at the bottom of the lake. Push your hand into the water and retrieve this shining object. Your fingers clasp around it. You take it out. What do you see? Turn it over in your hands. This is the key to your spiritual gifts and awakening this deep knowledge within you.

When you carry this with you, you will always be able to connect to Archangel Gabriel or any of the archangels or ascended masters. Now carry on walking more deeply into the lake until you completely submerge yourself in the lake. Archangel Gabriel walks with you.

You can still breath and you find yourself easily walking along the bottom.

You see a world of information beneath this lake. Ask any questions you want to know about your spiritual gifts and you will find the answer in this lake. Ask Archangel Gabriel. Or you will find something written or you will sense the answer. Look around, ask your questions.

When you are ready Archangel Gabriel brings you back to the surface, completely dry, walk back to the shore and when you are ready, come back to the room.

Feel your feet on the floor and roll your shoulders. Then in your own time open your eyes.