Healing the Earth With Mother Gaia – By Louise Yoko

Feel your feet firmly on the ground, anchoring you to mother earth.
Ask Archangel Michael to put his blue cloak of protection around you. He zips it up from under your feet to under your chin, ensuring that you are protected and safe.

Find yourself floating on a cloud with your guardian angel next to you.  You are perfectly safe and secure.  The cloud is gently floating across the sky, lie back and enjoy the softness of the cloud under your body as well as the feeling of freedom that you have. You are very relaxed.

Your Guardian Angel asks you to sit up and look over the edge of the cloud, you are perfectly safe and protected.  You notice that the land below you is barren, where once there were trees, plants and wildlife. Now the land is dusty and dry.  Where you could see every shade of the colour green, you now only see different shades of brown.   Where there should be flowers, you see rocks. Where there should be rivers, you see dry riverbeds.

You look up and ahead of you, is an impressive temple, made out of Jade. The most amazing colour green that you have ever seen.  Your cloud floats towards this temple.  You Guardian Angel explains that you are going to meet Lady Gaia who is the Archangel in charge of the Earth.

Your Guardian Angel leads you to the front door of the temple.  You open the door and step inside.  To your amazement, the inside of the temple is full of crystals  reflecting every colour of the rainbow.  You stand for a while to take in the wondrous sight of all the beautiful crystals.

Lady Gaia appears in front of you and thanks you for coming.  She says that she needs your help to save the earth.  She explains that the barren land that you have just flown over is how Earth will soon be if we do not stop abusing all of its resources.  Time is of the essence and each and every one of you can help to save this planet in your own small way. You can be role models for everyone and teach others by example in showing respect to the earth and all of its animals, sea and plant life. She asks you to slow down and spend more time appreciating everything about the Earth. The bird tweeting above, the tiny delicate flower bud that is about to open, the smell of the earth after the rain, a gentle breeze blowing on your face, the sound of waves breaking on a golden sandy beach.  These may be small things, but the overall effects are huge.  Think about the choices you make every day and how they may affect the earth.

Lady Gaia hands you a small golden silk bag.  She tells you that the bag is full of the same crystals that the inside of her temple is made of.  Each has a different colour which represents something on the earth.  The blue crystal is for the rain, the rivers and the oceans.  The green is for the plant life.  The brown represents the fertile earth.  The reds, pinks, purples and yellows represent the flowers.  The black represents the mountains. The clear crystal represents the people and the animals.  She asks you to take these crystals and scatter them over the barren land as you return.  You thank Lady Gaia and your Guardian Angel leads you back to the cloud.  As you gently float back over the barren land, your Guardian Angel tells you that it is time to throw all the crystals down onto the land and waters.
As you scatter the crystals, the barren land below starts to flourish, water is once again flowing in the rivers, trees and plants start to grow and flowers pop up everywhere.  You see animals of all descriptions.    The sight is breathtaking and you watch for a while, marvelling at the wonders of the earth.  How blessed you are to be living on such an amazing planet.  Your Guardian Angel reminds you that you are going to play an important role in saving this planet.  Every small thing that you do will help.  Your Guardian Angel asks you to always respect the Earth and all of its magnificence.
Your Angel now takes you back to where you started.

Slowly bring yourself back to the room.
Rub your fingers together and wriggle your toes and when you are ready open your eyes.