Healing Nature and the Waters of Earth with Archangel Ariel

/Healing Nature and the Waters of Earth with Archangel Ariel
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Healing Nature and the Waters of Earth with Archangel Ariel – By Michelle Sachs

Sit with your back comfortably straight, resting your hands lightly in your lap and close your eyes.

Take in a deep, relaxing breath and gently breathe out. Take in another deep breath and breathe out, feeling any and all tension and stress melting away as you continue to breathe evenly and deeply….evenly and deeply.

Bring your attention to your feet. See beautiful golden roots growing out of your feet, sinking deeply into the rich dark soil of Mother Earth, connecting you and grounding you completely to our great Mother, holding you safe and secure.

Continue to breathe deeply and evenly.

See the magnificent Archangel Michael stepping forward with his beautiful blue cloak of protection. He wraps you securely in his cloak, zipping it up from under your feet to under your chin and drapes the hood over your crown and third eye chakras. You are now perfectly safe and protected.

See yourself standing on the soft, ochre coloured sand of a desert at sunrise. The air is cool and crisp. The sky is a multitude of reds, oranges, blues and greys. Standing beside you is your very special Guardian Angel, here to keep you safe and protected at all times. Continue to breathe deeply and evenly.

Your Guardian Angel takes your hand and together you begin to walk towards a majestic sandstone temple rising up from the desert floor. This is the iconic Temple of Luxor in Egypt. Walk towards the large stone archway entrance and together with your Guardian Angel, step over the threshold and into the massive stone entrance. Huge hieroglyphic covered pillars line the way for you as you walk towards the centre of the temple, to a large sacred lake filled with clear, cool water.

As you reach the lake, a heavenly angel appears before you surrounded in golden light. She has the head of a lion and the body of a human. As you look at her, the lions head slowly morphs into that of an exquisite woman who smiles gently and stretches out her hand to take yours. She introduces herself as the Archangel Ariel. She is charged with the health and well being of all of nature, the animals, plants, birds and insects as well as the waterways of our planet and she is very concerned at this time.

She waves her hand over the lake, and like a movie screen, it lights up with images she wishes you to see. Nature and our once pristine environment is now choked by pollution, chemicals, mining, over fishing and over farming. The once green lungs, the forests of our world, are almost all gone. Our waterways are filled with waste of all kind, plastics, chemicals and disease. The life in our soil is almost completely degraded and our air is darkened by smog and pollution.

Archangel Ariel shows you how much trouble our planet is in and she asks if you could help her now to heal, restore and regenerate the environment and waterways of our planet to restore the balance and ensure the survival of all beings from those who wish to bring destruction to our world.

Archangel Ariel retrieves six coloured crystals from a large copper bowl standing at her feet. As she touches them they light up as if lit from within by strong glowing bulbs. She hands you a green crystal, a pure emerald, and she explains that with this crystal together you and her are going to heal the plant kingdom. The image in the lake changes to that of the damaged forests of the world. Together you toss the emerald crystal into the lake. Immediately the image changes and you see the forests, plants and trees re-growing and regenerating, restoring the lungs of our planet back to their former power and strength. Watch as forests and green spaces around the world are healed and brought back to life.

Archangel Ariel smiles, she is pleased. She now hands you a deep blue crystal, a sapphire, which pulses with light and energy. She waves her hand over the lake and the image changes to that of the oceans, rivers and lakes around the world. With this sapphire, together you are going heal, clean and revitalise the waterways of our planet. Without water there can be no life. Together you throw the crystal into the lake and as it submerges the image in the water changes. The oceans are transformed, clear and blue, filled with life, corals, fish, dolphins, whales, seals, sharks and all manner of ocean life once again. The lakes and rivers are running clearly and strongly, the water is pure, fresh and healthy.

Archangel Ariel now lifts up a golden pyrites crystal. It shines and shimmers as she hands it to you. The image in the lake changes once again to reflect the animal kingdom and the atrocities being carried out towards all animals on our planet. Archangel Ariel takes your hand and together you gently toss the pyrites crystal into the lake. Slowly the visual images change, you see strong healthy animals roaming our planet once again, free and wild, living in stunning green spaces designated just for them. They are respected, revered and honoured for the wisdom, strength and honesty they bring to share with us, so we may learn from them and share our world equally and fairly. Archangel Ariel claps her hands in excitement and joy!

She now hands you a gorgeous cluster of clear quartz crystal, which vibrates with energy and strength. Archangel Ariel waves her hands over the lake and the image changes to show the sky, birds and clouds. The pollution is shocking, birds are dying in their thousands from diseases and acid rain soaks the ground with toxicity. Together you lightly toss the glowing crystal into the lake and watch the images change. The air clears and freshens, filling with life giving oxygen. Flocks of brightly coloured birds take to the sky, healthy, strong and restored. Watch as the rain begins to change into clear, life giving drops of vitality and regeneration. The air is restored to its once former glory, bringing life and healing to our entire planet. You take a deep breath and feel instantly energised.

Archangel Ariel is beaming with delight as she picks a blood red ruby crystal. It pulses with power and healing energy as she hands it to you. The image in the lake changes once again, now showing you the insects of our planet, the bees, butterflies, ants, beetles and spiders. They are all in desperate need of understanding, love and compassion for without them we become nothing but dust and memories. Gently throw the glowing ruby into the waters of the lake and instantly see the beehives of the world restored, thousands of butterflies filling the air and the insects of all kind return to our planet to assist with pollination, healing and restoration of our planet, plant and animal kingdoms. They are so needed, loved and appreciated.

Archangel Ariel tells you now that there is one last crystal left, a very special crystal designed to heal the hearts of all of humanity and to bring healing, love and respect to all who share our planet. She holds a giant rose quartz crystal that radiates unconditional love and peace. Together you toss this last crystal into the lake and see the images of war, violence and planetary destruction change into a world of peace, compassion, love and understanding. Humans protecting one another, the forests, the waterways, plants, animals, birds and insects, being the true guardians to our incredible planet and restoring harmonious balance once more.

Archangel Ariel takes your hands. She is glowing with happiness and joy. Healing and regeneration has begun all over the world. She thanks you for your willingness to assist the Archangels in their tasks at this time and she asks you to return and repeat this process any time you like. Join her in Luxor and help the world to find healing and balance. You thank her for this amazing experience and the opportunity to assist the angels.

Your Guardian Angel takes you by the hand and together you walk away from the sacred lake, passing the huge pillars and out into the desert once again. Feel the soft sand beneath your feet and see the sun shining brightly in the blue sky. You feel restored, peaceful and complete. Your Guardian Angel thanks you and gives you a gentle embrace.

Feel the chair or pillows beneath you as your awareness returns to the room you are in. Take in a deep breath and breathe out. Rub your thumbs over your fingertips as you breathe deeply and evenly, returning your consciousness to the here and now. Take in a deep breath and breathe out. Wriggle your feet and hands around a little.

When you are ready slowly open your eyes, ensuring you are fully grounded and present.