Full Moon Visualisation – July 2020

Sending Courage into Africa and the World with Archangel Michael

By Lu Whitelaw

The qualities of “courage, integrity, strength, truth” are all inside each one of us, though some may be dormant – Archangel Michael will help us to develop these qualities. His sword is thus not only used for protection, but represents courage to help overcome all obstacles and to positively manifest our deep desires and dreams as long as they are for your highest good and the highest good of those around you.

Unfold your arms and legs, ensure that you are comfortable, take a few nice deep breaths and gently close your eyes.

Feel your feet firmly on the ground and see the beautiful golden roots that are grounding you to Mother Earth. Your Guardian Angel will be with you throughout this journey to meet and work with Archangel Michael, so know that you are grounded, protected and completely safe.

As you continue to breathe deeply and evenly, feel every part of your body going into deep relaxation. Feel each of your muscles relax, from your toes to your legs, your pelvis and abdominal muscles, your chest, and upwards into your neck where you can feel all the tension in your upper body just dissolve away. As you continue to breathe deeply and evenly, imaging that the air that you are breathing is deep blue in colour. With each breath you take, you are inhaling this beautiful blue light, filling you up from your toes, all the way up your body, right to the top of your head. Feel the warm glow of this light as you continue to breathe it in. You are now completely and lovingly filled and protected with this beautiful blue light. You are completely relaxed and safe.

You are standing at the base of a magnificent mountain. It is a warm summer’s evening and the sun has just set while the moon is making its radiant appearance in the sky, lighting up the whole area around you. All around you, the air is warm and sweet. The grass under your feet is soft and cool and you wiggle your toes to feel the pleasure of the grass between your toes.

In front of you is a gentle winding path leading up the mountain. You start to walk along this path, eager to see where it leads. The moon is lighting the path ahead of you and your Guardian Angel is walking right beside you, so you are safe. Along the way you hear the night birds calling to each other and you see glow flies and other precious creatures of the night playing in the glow of the moon. Appreciate these beautiful gifts of nature as you continue to walk.

You now come across a lake of sparkling blue water. Stop to admire the pureness of the water as the light of the moon gently sparkle off the water’s surface. Step slightly closer to the water’s edge so that you can see the reflection of your face. Your Guardian Angel is keeping you completely safe. Now inspect the reflection that is looking back at you: do you see a magnificent, radiant being looking back at you, or do you see a reflection of worry, pain or unhappiness? Are you smiling or frowning? What feelings are you aware of as you look at your reflection? Take a moment to acknowledge all of these feelings and impressions so that you may share them with Archangel Michael when you meet him. You now step back from the water’s edge and continue on your journey along the gentle path up the mountain.

As you come around a bend in the path, you see a magnificent sparkling temple ahead of you. As you walk closer, you see that it is made out of blue glass and crystals that are sparkling and shimmering in the glow of the moon. The path now takes you to the bottom of a tall staircase leading up to the temple’s entrance. You and your Guardian Angel walk up the stairs together – as you reach the top, you can hear a chorus of Angels singing, it is the most beautiful music you have ever heard. The door at the entrance of the temple opens as you reach it – your arrival has been expected.

An Angel beckons you to follow. You walk down a long passage, filled with bright, pure light and you can still hear the Angels singing. At the end of the passage, you are guided into a room which is filled with a radiant blue light. The rooftop is open, and the beauty of the full moon radiates down on you. Standing in the center of the room is the magnificent Archangel Michael. His wings are huge and beautiful, made out of millions of deep blue feathers. He is holding his protective shield in one hand and his flaming sword in the other. Take a moment to greet Archangel Michael and to admire his presence. He gently places his hands on your head and tells you how happy he is that you have come to seek his help. He now invites you to seat yourself comfortably on a big blue couch in the centre of the room. You are completely safe and protected.

Archangel Michael tells you that he can see that you are troubled, that you appear to be carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. He now asks you to share with him the things that are causing you concern or that are causing you to feel discouraged.

He understands that planet Earth, and particularly the continent of Africa, is in pain at the moment and that huge physical, emotional and spiritual transformations are underway in order to correct the current energies. He reminds you that each soul is intimately connected to every other soul on earth and thus when one of us feels fear and distress, it affects everyone around you. He says now is the time to stand strong and united, and to be the light that encourages those around us to stay positive as we go through this period of transition.

He invites you to join him in a powerful visualization to send strength and encouragement to the rest of the world at this challenging time. He asks you to take a deep breath and to close your eyes, visualizing planet Earth as if you were observing it from a safe space in the ether. The glowing light of the full moon illuminates the globe, touching each and every soul on earth. You visualize this beautiful light touching each soul, causing a flicker of light on the earth’s surface as this energy is absorbed. Archangel Michael tells you that he is now going to add his blue light to that which is being sent from the moon down to earth allowing each person to feel renewed strength and courage to help them cope with whatever may lie ahead. Each light flickers dimly at first, and then you see them getting stronger and brighter as the combined light and energy of the moon and Archangel Michael’s strength infuse each soul, until the whole Earth is glowing with this beautiful bright light.  Pay extra attention to visualizing this light over Africa. Hold this vision for another few seconds as the light firmly continues to anchor into the Earth.

Archangel Michael thanks you for assisting him with this important task and as you open your eyes where you are seated in front of him, he reminds you that it is up to each and every single one of us to hold the light at this time and that the more we draw on the courage and strength that is innate within each of us, and which has just been recharged, the easier it is to share that energy with those around us, so that instead of worry and fear, we feel encouraged to believe in a future that is safe and peaceful, and in which all souls are divinely united.

He now hands you a gift in the form of a sparkling blue amethyst crystal. He tells you that you can use this crystal to invoke him and the light of the moon in future meditations, should you feel the need to recharge the energy of strength and courage for yourself, or for those around you. He now tells you to remember that he and his protective Angels are always in your service and that you should call on them for help whenever you need additional encouragement.

You thank Archangel Michael for this beautiful experience and you stand up from the couch, where he gives you a huge warm hug with his amazing soft blue wings. Your Guardian Angel is waiting for you at the door, and together you walk back down the temple’s passage, down the stairs and back along the path on which you arrived.

As you walk back along the path, you pass the crystal clear blue lake again. Stop and take another look at the image of your reflection. How does it compare to the first time you looked at yourself? Are there still elements of sadness or worry or are you reflecting back a more confident and courageous self? Take a minute to own, acknowledge and honour this stronger reflection of yourself.

You now walk further back down the path, to the place where you began this journey. You thank your Guardian Angel for having accompanied you.

Slowly start to bring your awareness back to the room, gently rub your fingers together, continue to breathe gently and when you are ready you can open your eyes.