Full Moon Visualisation 10 January 2020

New Beginnings with Archangel Gabriel

By Lu Whitelaw

Amazing Being, sit comfortably with your arms and legs uncrossed, in a safe place where you won’t be disturbed. Light some soft incense and white candles to help raise the vibrations that will help to invoke the powerful energy of Archangel Gabriel.

Gently close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths.

Feel your feet firmly on the ground. Visualise strong golden roots growing out from underneath the soles of your feet. See the roots extending down into the earth, through all the beautiful crystal layers of the earth, towards the centre of the earth where the roots wrap themselves around a large black obsidian crystal. This crystal holds the grounding and protective energy of Mother Earth. See this golden protective energy travel back up through the roots, up into your feet, legs, tummy, chest, neck, into your head and out through your crown chakra to form a beautiful golden halo of protective light around you.

Now ask Archangel Michael to place his royal blue cloak of protection over your shoulders and ask him to zip it up from under your feet to under your chin, and ask him to place the hood over your head to protect your crown chakra and your third eye.

Place a pink bubble of protective love around you, to outwardly project love into everything you think, say or do.

Ask your Guardian Angel to wrap his/her soft golden wings around you in a warm, loving, protective embrace and know that you are completely safe through this visualisation.

Continue to breathe deeply and evenly. It is a gorgeous, warm, moonlit evening and you are talking a slow walk towards a lake. As your stroll along, feel the soft, cool breeze as it flows through your hair and caresses your face. There are many little fireflies sparkling their lights on the path before you, making it easy for you to see where you are going.

You reach the edge of the shallow lake and are completely mesmerised by the beauty of the full moon being reflected back at you. There is an amazing energy being radiated by this reflection, making you feel truly at peace and one with the universe.

Now invoke the powerful Archangel Gabriel; he gently appears before you, hovering over the water. It is the beginning of a new year and a new decade and tonight, Archangel Gabriel wants to give you the gift of brand new beginnings as he invites you to step into the water. The water is warm and shallow, and as you step into it, it gently swirls around your feet and ankles. You are completely safe. Archangel Gabriel asks you to bow your head as he bends down to scoop up handfuls of the warm water and to gently let it trickle over your head. As he does so, the water turns into a beautiful white light of purification which gentle filters into your crown chakra.

As he continues to gently scoop the warm water over you, the white light moves all the way down your body purifying all your chakras as it goes. You can feel all the blockages and fears of the past year slowly melt away from each energy centre and flow away into the lake to be transmuted into love and light. The full moon is glowing down on you, and as the water melts away the past, the moon infuses its beautiful radiant light into each chakra leaving in its place a new energy, filled with warmth, positivity and the promise of new beginnings for each and every area of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life.

Take a few minutes to truly feel and enjoy this wonderful, warm energy moving through your body and to experience a deep and sincere gratitude for this amazing gift that Archangel Gabriel and the Mighty Moon are bestowing upon you.

Also known as the ‘Angel of Life’ or the ‘Awakener’,  Archangel Gabriel now asks to you join him and his team of supporting Angels in sending love, light, hope and faith to all the areas around the world currently experiencing difficult times in the forms of uncontrolled fires, floods and droughts. He says that he knows that Mother Gaia is in distress at this time, but that all these occurrences are for a greater purpose of rebirth, to clear out old energies that no longer serve Mother Earth and to bring about new beginnings for all who have the privilege of living on her beautiful soil.

In the same way that Archangel Gabriel poured gentle cleansing water over your head, he now asks you to join him in visualising the gentle pouring of the cleansing water over Mother Earth, from the top of the north pole, trickling all the way down to the south pole, melting away all past negative energies and creating space for the full moon to infuse its healing light into the earth and to bring about the new beginnings so desperately needed.

And so for the next few minutes, you visualise Mother Earth as the water gently clears away all the burning fires and gently restores water supply to the dry areas, with the bright shining moon bringing new life and hope to all humankind and to all the animals and vegetation who live upon it.

You now step back onto the shore and thank Archangel Gabriel for this amazing opportunity to clear away past energies that no longer serve you and to start the New Year afresh, and also for the experience of assisting him with the very important role of bringing new beginnings to Mother Earth. He gentle fades from sight and you once again have the beautiful reflection of the moon glistening back at you from the water’s surface.  You look up towards the moon in the sky and notice how brightly the stars are now shining, as you remember your divine life purpose and destiny as you head into 2020.

When you are ready, bring your awareness back to the room and gently open your eyes.

I trust that this was an uplifting experience for you and that you feel ready to take on the New Year with love, light and gratitude.