Walking Our Ascension Path with Archangel Haniel

By Michelle Sachs

Sit with your back comfortably straight, resting your hands lightly in your lap and close your eyes.

Take in a deep, relaxing breath and gently breathe out. Take in another deep breath and breathe out, feeling any tension and stress melting away as you continue to breathe evenly and deeply….evenly and deeply. Take in another deep breath and breathe out.

Now bring your attention to your feet. See beautiful little golden roots growing out of your feet, sinking deeply into the rich dark soil of Mother Earth, connecting you and grounding you completely to our great Mother, holding you safe and secure.

Continue to breathe deeply and evenly.

See the glorious Archangel Michael stepping forward with his beautiful blue cloak of protection. He wraps you securely in his cloak, zipping it up from under your feet to under your chin and drapes the hood over your crown and third eye chakras. You are now perfectly safe and protected.

See yourself standing on soft, warm beach sand at midnight. The air is cool and crisp and tinged with salt. The sky is inky black as a million sparkling stars wink down at you. Standing beside you is your very special Guardian Angel, here to keep you safe and protected at all times.

Your Guardian Angel directs you to a beautiful white couch resting on the beach sand overlooking the moonlit ocean. The couch looks soft and comfortable. Take a seat and feel yourself relaxing into the soft cushions as you watch the waves gently breaking on the beach.

You notice that the moon is starting to expand and get bigger and brighter. Your Guardian Angel tells you that you are perfectly safe. You now see a feminine shape begin to emerge from this radiant white light. A magnificent Archangel appears wearing a sparkling turquoise blue robe of light, she has her huge silver wings outstretched as she floats effortlessly over the water towards you, landing gently on the beach sand before you.

She glides over to you smiling so beautifully with her hands outstretched in a greeting. Feel the energy of love, compassion, peace and harmony. She takes your hands in hers, they are warm and soft. You feel so peaceful and safe within her presence.

She now speaks and her voice sounds like a thousand angels singing, her voice is like a lullaby and the most beautiful sound you have ever heard. She tells you that she is the planetary angel, her name is Archangel Haniel. She is here today to help link you to the energy of the moon and the planets of our solar system. She is also here to help you to expand your consciousness, so that you may continue to walk your ascension path and develop your psychic powers. This will help you to elevate yourself to the God level of unconditional love and integrity in all that you do, while setting the Ego aside.

You now watch as Archangel Haniel magically manifests a herbal tincture in a small glass bowl. To this she adds a bright white crystal and a special healing powder which she pulls directly from the air around you, like magic! She gently mixes this all together in the glass bowl. She explains that this potion is made with a combination of herbs, crystal energy and stardust from the universe, to help strengthen and assist you to walk the path of ascension.

This potion will help you to raise your energy level and connect you to your unique and special life purpose, so that you are able to embody and embrace the work you are meant to be doing on this planet. This will be revealed to you, all you need to do is trust. This potion will assist you to help raise the consciousness of planet Earth right now, lifting the planetary energy up to the God level of light and integrity. You will be able to draw from this incredible energy to work with the Angelic beings, for the benefit of every human, animal, plant, mineral, insect, river and ocean being. Together we can change the world and bring about much needed clearing and healing. Archangel Haniel will guide and support you every step of the way.

She hands you the potion, you place the glass bowl to your lips and gently drink down the warm liquid energy. You feel a glow and warmth spreading out from your lips right down your throat and into your stomach, spreading out into your whole body. Feel the light and healing moving through your body. Archangel Haniel and your Guardian Angel hold your hands as you sink into the couch, allowing this magic potion to do it’s amazing work. During this time Archangel Haniel will impart great wisdom to you. You will remember all of it and the very special mission she will be giving you as part of your ascension work.

(Silence for a few minutes)

You notice the sound of waves gently lapping on the shoreline. Archangel Haniel and your Guardian Angel thank you for your willingness and commitment to this important work. The sun is just peeking over the horizon and dawn is breaking. Feel the soft sand beneath your feet. You feel restored, peaceful and complete. You thank Archangel Haniel for her guidance and her wisdom.

Archangel Haniel now gives you a warm embrace and then she floats up on her brilliant silver wings and gently flies off towards the horizon. The sun has fully popped over the horizon now and you are feeling wonderful, clear and energized.

Your Guardian Angel smiles and tell you that you have done so well and that the task before you will unfold in perfect ways, all you need to do is trust in the angels and Archangels to show you the way forward. Trust in their guidance.

Your Guardian Angel now asks you to take a deep breath in and breath out.

Feel the chair or pillows beneath you as your awareness returns to the room you are in. Take in a deep breath and breathe out.

Rub your thumbs over your fingertips as you breathe deeply and evenly, returning your consciousness to the here and now.

Take in a deep breath and breathe out. Wriggle your feet and hands around a little.

When you are ready slowly open you eyes, ensuring you are fully grounded and present.

(Remember to write down your mission and task so that you can work towards this.)