Full Moon Visualisation 08 April 2020
Archangel Ariel
By Marise Viviers

Breathe in and relax your body. Sit in a chair or lay down. Close your eyes and just breathe in slowly through your nose, slowly out your month – do that 3 times.

When you feel relaxed and at ease, your journey is about to begin with the beautiful Archangel Ariel.

You are safe and protected at all times.

See in your mind’s eye a beautiful forest in front of you. See the trees, the butterflies, the flowers and plants, the animals, hear the beautiful bird sounds and take everything in around you. Feel the wind on your face and the sunlight on your skin, you are relaxed and at peace.

You hear a swift sound of powerful Wings clapping near you and as you look up you see Archangel Ariel flying down to you, she lands right in front of you. You feel her kindness and love for you, it’s overwhelming and so powerful.

She asks you to follow her into the forest. As you walk beside her you see a beautiful temple appearing in front of you…. as you walk up the stairs to the temple you are in awe as the temple is just breath taking. With fountains …beautiful angel sculptures…amazing colours of flowers everywhere.

Archangel Ariel walks to the doors of the temple, you are right behind her.

She open up the doors and you both walk in. Right in front of you, in the middle of the temple there is a replica of Mother Gaia, spinning in a beautiful light all around. You can see each corner of Mother Earth as you walk around it. It looks like you are looking at Earth from space in all her glory.

Archangel Ariel turns to you and gives you the following message: “I am deeply concerned about the world’s environment and mankind right now, which are always in delicate balance, but are now in need of reform and restoration as soon as possible. Great sadness and stress is upon earth right now. I have plenty of assignments available for those willing to assist in this endeavour. I promise to only give out assignments that are related to your interest and time schedules. Your reward will be the Abundance of great Love and Joy that stretches out from your heart, extending into the very environment you’re blessing with your dedicated efforts. I thank you in advance for coming to the Earth’s rescue for all mankind, and the environment right now. Each and every person’s help is needed right now in any way or from, big or small. “

Archangel Ariel touches your hands and you can feel a powerful golden colour radiating through your hand to your body, filling your aura. She says it’s the Light of Love, Healing and Power she is giving to you to help spread the compassion that is so needed right now. In this time of great stress and uncertainty in the world, your Light and Love is much needed as a Light worker.

She ask you to step back. But your hands up. And see the golden Light beaming from your hands towards mother Earth. As you do that she is holding her hands out as well and you see a beautiful Light beaming out of her. You can feel the powerful impact this healing has on Mother Earth.

Now in your mind’s eye, see every single Plant, Flower, Grass, Insect, Animal, Bird, in this Light…

See all the bodies of water being cleaned and refreshed, the sea, the lakes, waterfalls ….clean water free from all pollution.

See the air being cleaned from all pollution, see the beautiful blue skies everywhere.

Give yourself a few moments to send this Light out and to take everything in.

Now see the Light spreading out to all humans of every race, every nation, see the Light surrounding each and every country, feel the negativity been lifted out from all, the stress, the sadness, the depression, hunger, poverty, fear. See all Beings as they are surrounded by Love, Healing and Abundance. Spend a few moments on this task, as it is so important right now.

You are feeling so blessed to have done this important work with Archangel Ariel. You can see the effect of this powerful session on the earth. You can see the brightness of Mother Gaia, the negativity that is lifted, everything just looks and feels more beautiful from your view. Your heart is beating with joy, it overwhelms you and you know that there is great Love for you in this moment from the Beings of Light.

Archangel Ariel thanks you for all you have done today, and she reminds you that you can send this beautiful Light out every day to Earth. By doing that, a powerful grid will be formed all around Earth and the Energies are going to be mind blowing for all.

She takes you by the hand and leads you out of the temple. Reminding you to call on her whenever you need her. You both are walking down the stairs back into the forest.

You are back where you stared. Archangel Ariel gives you a big hug and thanks you once again for your help today. She waves goodbye and flies off into the sky.

You are safe and relaxed. When you are ready you can wiggle your fingers, toes and open your eyes.