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Emotional Healing with Archangel Gabriel


Anita Frawley

(Before you start, light white candles and incense to help raise the vibration during the visualization.)

Sit comfortably in your chair, closing your eyes, take in a slow deep inhalation and exhale just as slowly and deeply. Repeat these deep cleansing breaths twice. Now breathe evenly and deeply.
Feel your feet firmly planted on the ground. Ask Archangel Michael to put his royal blue cloak over your shoulders, zipping it up from under your feet to under your chin, putting the hood over your head covering your crown and third eye.
Call on your Guardian angel to be with you – helping you to feel safe on your journey.

You are walking down a pathway in the full moon’s light. You can hear the gravel crunching under your shoes as you take each step. You feel a cool breeze against your cheeks – it caresses your skin, as if it is greeting you.

There is a rich scent in the air. It is a combination smell of the eucalyptus and citrus trees standing in all their glory under the moon – you can even taste the strong orange scent in the air.

Looking around you can see everything so clearly. The moon is shining particularly brightly this evening. You notice the Moon Flower of white and pink, which only blooms for the moon and at no other time – staying in full bloom the whole night through. You bend down and gently touch their silky petals with your fingers. The Casablanca Lilies, with their white, yellow, orange and purple to pink blooms are scattered around as you walk along. You notice their delicate elegance and smell their beautiful fragrance. As you are walking along the path, you notice there is a pond up ahead, with the Nymphaea Red Flare flowers floating on the surface. It is so magical to see the different colours of deep crimson red, pink and purple blooms against the dark background of the water.

You see a bench close to the water’s edge and you sit down on it with a blanket around your shoulders and your Guardian Angel sits next to you – holding you close. You feel completely safe – drinking in all the beauty around you.

You can feel the stillness of the air being broken by the sound of the crickets singing their tunes. You hear an owl hoot close by – you look around to see if you can see him but he is well camouflaged. You hear the gentle rustling of the leaves in the trees, making their scent more noticeable than before.

You look to the pond and you see the beautiful full moon reflecting on it. You look up and the moon looks really large against the velvety blue sky studded with numerous flickering stars. You notice the Milky Way.

You are gazing up at the sky and you hear different kinds of sounds coming from above. You can now distinctly hear violins playing a gentle melody, with sweet angelic voices singing in harmony – complementing the music. You find yourself swaying to the gentle rhythm of the tunes.

You continue looking at the moon and it looks like it is moving closer to you and changing shape. As you look closer you recognise Archangel Gabriel, the Moon Angel, making his way down to sit next to you and your Guardian Angel. His magnificent large wings completely enfold you and your Guardian angel – making you feel completely safe. You listen intently to the message he is giving you. (Sit quietly for 5 minutes)

He stands up to say good-bye to you and puts his hand in his pocket and takes out a Moonstone crystal, and puts it in the palm of your hand. It feels cool in your hand. Looking at it closely, you notice it has a beautiful blue tinge to it. He explains this crystal will help soothe and balance your emotions. It also helps you reflect on past circumstances so as to learn the lessons needed to be learnt and to let go of them.

You hug him farewell and he floats back up towards the moon, accompanied by the same sweet melody of the angels singing to the tune of the violins.

Your Guardian Angel gently takes your hand and you walk away from the mysterious Nymphaea Red Flare Flowers that are floating on the pond’s surface. You walk along the path, looking at all the Moon Flowers, still in full bloom, and the Casablanca Lilies in all their splendid colours of white, yellow, orange and purple to pink blooms. You notice the sounds of the insects and it seems as though the owl is bidding you “So long, until next time”. You smell the scent of the eucalyptus and citrus trees one last time before your Guardian angel sits you back down on your chair.

Now bring your awareness to your feet firmly planted on the ground. You are sitting back in your chair. Rub your thumbs over the pads of your fingers. When you are ready – open your eyes.
(If you feel you are not completely grounded – put your hands on your shoulders and push down gently.)