Connecting with the Healing Angels with Mother Mary by Helena Mcleod.

/Connecting with the Healing Angels with Mother Mary by Helena Mcleod.
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Connecting with the Healing Angels with Mother Mary by Helena Mcleod.

Become aware of your feet firmly rooted to the beautiful ground. Imagine thick golden roots growing out of the soles of your feet and burrowing deeply into this magical soil and rock beneath you. Become aware of your breathing. When you breathe in breathe in a white light from beneath your feet and when you breathe out breathe this white light out of the top of your head. As you continue this breath feel more and more cleansed. Now ask Archangel Michael to stand behind you. Feel the weight on your shoulders as he places his blue cloak of protection around you and zips it up beneath your feet to beneath your chin and pulls the hood over your head. You are now fully protected and loved.

You become aware of a noise, it is the faint sound of a bell chiming, other than that, all is still.

It is dark around you, but your eyes begin to adjust themselves to the light. From behind a cloud the moon begins to emerge. You are in a beautiful land, there are mountains on either side of you and a vast flat valley is what you are standing in.

You see magnificent trees standing tall by your sides. These trees look silver in the moonlight but as you approach one and look closely at its trunk and bark you see the trees are actually made of silver.

You look down and you see the grass is soft but gleaming with the light of an emerald and now you realise that in between the blades of grass millions of emeralds are resting on the earth.

There are beautiful night-time flowers in reds, pinks, blues, and within each of their petals is a magnificent crystal, a ruby, a sapphire, a pink topaz, a diamond. When you take out a gemstone from the flower petals another immediately arrives in its place. Whilst the scenery is rich in its brilliant colour from all the glittering gemstones in the moonlight, it also feels vibrantly alive.

You realise you have come to the valley of abundance. But why are you here?

As you ask this question a beautiful woman appears before you. Her age is indistinct but she has a strength that you have rarely seen in a human, an inner power that pulses as she walks towards you. She is smiling at you and as she smiles your whole body smiles back. You feel truly loved by this woman, as though all the motherly love in the world has been brought into this one figure standing before you and is directed towards you.

You realise that around the figure of this lady there are many tinkling bells, these bells are not actually bells but the exquisite sound of the angels that are floating around her. Their wings seem to give off this quiet chime.

The woman is now standing before you. She tells you that she is Mother Mary and she has come with the angels of healing to heal your deepest fear or need. Perhaps you are needing healing for a health challenge, or perhaps for a money challenge, or because you need to resolve a love crisis or because you seek love. Take a few minutes now to tell her what your heart most deeply desires to be healed.

Before she heals you she explains the lesson that you have to learn, why this situation is a gift to you for your progression as a soul. Listen to what she says, do not judge her words but receive her message with love. Now the angels of healing wrap their wings around you and you feel their magic permeating through your aura, your mind, your emotions, your physical body, lifting your vibrations, healing the challenge you have presented to them. Receive their healing with love.

Take a few minutes to fully receive their healing.

You are now healed. Thank mother Mary. Receive the hug that she gives you. Thank the angels of healing. If you want, pick up a gemstone and put it in your pocket as this is the Land of Abundance, the gemstone represents an abundance of love, money, health, tranquillity, whatever you desire.

When you are ready become aware of the room around you, feel your feet on the ground, roll your shoulders and in your own time open your eyes.