Connecting To Your God-Self with Archangel Metatron

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Connecting To Your God-Self with Archangel Metatron – By Arnold Sachs

Please ensure that your cell phone is switched off and that you are not likely to be disturbed.

Sit Comfortably.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in , and slowly breathe out.

Take another deep breath in…. and slowly breathe out.

Feel thick golden roots growing out from the soles of your feet, growing down, down deep into mother earth where they wrap around a huge black tourmaline crystal.

You are feeling grounded and completely safe.

You feel Archangel Michael wrap his royal blue cloak of protection around your shoulders, zipping it up from under your feet to under your chin. Feel as he lifts its hood over your head – Protecting your Star Chakra, Crown Chakra and 3rd eye Chakra.

You are totally relaxed, safe and at peace.

See yourself standing in a beautiful field surrounded by long grasses and beautiful trees. The sounds of the African bush fill the air. Birds are singing all around you as the grass rustles in the light breeze.

Clean fresh air fills your lungs.

Your Guardian angel beckons you forward to the base of the giant Boabab Tree. In front of the tree is a beautiful stone bench covered with soft, comfortable cushions. As you sit down, relaxing and feeling at peace, your Guardian angel comes forward and points out the beautiful sunset – and highlights the reds and oranges that seem to set the horizon ablaze.

As you gaze at the majesty of nature’s palette, you feel the presence of the mighty Archangel METATRON- The Archangel of Africa- as he comes forward to work with you. His energy seems to reach all the way into the heavens, but is warm, gentle and embracing. As he welcomes you, he also thanks you for having the courage and strength to continue your soul journey. He explains that as you walk the path of life, you are never alone, but always surrounded by the beings of love and light and always connected to God.


Archangel METATRON now explains that he will act as a bridge of light, helping you to connect to your God-self, that part of you that is part of the spark of God. This is the part of you that is part of “the Divine” and knows everything, is everywhere, connected to everything- at all times.

He asks you to close your eyes and to feel the pure love, joy and peace that enfolds you as he wraps you in his orange cocoon of light.

You feel light and relaxed, while knowing you are totally safe and protected.

With your eyes still closed, you feel your God-self connect and begin to merge into the orange cocoon of light. This feels as natural and as gentle as drawing breath.

As your energies combine, take the time to feel the love, the peace, the contentment of being whole again and being an integral part of the creator.

You may also ask any questions that may have been worrying you, or that you need guidance on.

Your God-self knows all and understands everything.

Take a few minutes for the process to unfold.

Slowly and ever so gently you feel the energies begin to separate.

Archangel METATRON reminds you that you can merge and connect with your Godself at any time and any place for it is a fundamental part of you and you are part of it, always

Slowly feel yourself return to the present and to the here is now.

Take a deep breath in, and slowly breathe out.

Take another deep breath in, and slowly breathe out.

Give thanks to your guardian angel, Archangel METATRON, your God-self and the Beings of light and love for assisting and guiding you today.

When you’re ready open your eyes.