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Connecting to The Christ Consciousness Energy With Archangel Chamuel – By Samantha Le Roux


You may want to read and record this meditation for yourself by using your cell phone app or a recorder for easy play back.

Find a tranquil space at home where you can relax and be undisturbed for about 20-30 minutes. Ensure that your cell phone is switched off.

Before we begin, create a sacred space for yourself to welcome in the Angelic beings to work with you. You can choose to burn a white candle, incense or aromatherapy oils, you may also like to have a bunch of flowers or a few crystals nearby or to hold during your meditation. If you have a favorite blanket or pillow, this will also help to deepen your meditation practice.

This is your time to simply honor, love and heal yourself in the presence of your Divine and heavenly helpers.

Sit in a chair or simply relax by lying down; the important thing is to be comfortable. If you are sitting, try to sit up with your back straight and supported in a chair or against a wall if you are new to meditation.

Uncross your arms and legs; hands can be placed comfortably in your lap or palms up on your knees. If you are lying down, keep your arms placed comfortably at your sides.

Do not worry too much if you fall asleep as you will still be receiving the healing messages and meditation benefits on a deep subconscious level with the presence of your Angels, Heavenly Helpers and Guides at your side.

Let’s begin:

Releasing any stress from your day, simply allow your body to relax, release all tension in your muscles, your heart area, your back and your neck and soften…..

Soften by simply letting go, allowing any body aches, pains or tightness to fade away ….  Surrender, let go and feel your body become lighter and just continue to soften…… let go of any thoughts and drop your mind into your heart.

We will begin by taking in 3 deep breaths, holding the breath as long as you can allow, and then gently exhaling.

On the count of 3 ….. Let’s start…

1,….. 2…… 3 ….. Take a deep breath in ….. Hold …….. gently breathe out,

Take a second breath in ……. Hold ….. gently breathe out,

And finally a third breath in ….. Hold …. gently breathe out and continue to breathe gently and evenly.

Now envision tiny golden roots growing out of the soles of your feet and reaching deep down into Mother Earth, feel, sense and see these roots as they pass through many layers of earth, rock and crystals deep into the center of the earth. See the roots as they wrap around a crystal of your choosing and as they do this a beautiful pearlescent white light rises up from the core of the crystal and up through the roots back up through all the layers of earth up through the soles of your feet anchoring you firmly and grounding you with Mother Earths energy.

The beautiful white flame continues to move up through your entire body, through all of your chakra’s, up into your heart chakra and out through your crown chakra like a beautiful fountain of luminous white light.

Archangel Michael places his royal, deep blue cloak of protection around you, zipping it all the way up from under your feet, to under your chin, covering your third eye and crown.

Using his magnificent sword, he draws an etheric pyramid of white, silver and diamond cosmic light around you. You are completely comfortable, completely safe and divinely protected.

Breathing in gently and evenly…. you find yourself walking in a beautiful, magical forest. The forest is bountiful, filled with magnificent trees that reach high into the heavens, their leaves whispering to one another in the gentle breeze and flowers of every shape, texture and colour.

It is a glorious summers day with the sun glistening down and not a cloud in the sky.

As you make your way through the forest along your path, you notice the fragrant perfume of Rose, Vanilla and Ylang Ylang. Inhaling these exotic fragrances, taking in the beauty of your surroundings and touching the leaves as you pass, hearing the birds sweet melody you can not help but gaze in awe at the most exquisite and extraordinary landscape you have ever seen as butterflies swirl from one bloom to the next.

Not far up ahead of you, is a little white picket fence with a beautifully ornate, wooden gate. You turn to open the gate and step into a lush green meadow.

Finding a comfortable spot next to a beautiful willow tree, you decide to sit down against the trunk and simply tune in to your beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

Suddenly you sense the presence of someone walking towards you with a pale green light, which seems to radiate and shimmer in all directions, before you stands Archangel Chamuel in a magnificent pale green, satin robe. You immediately feel a great sense of comfort, peacefulness and love as you turn to look at him.

Archangel Chamuel holds out his hand towards you as he tells you that now is the time…. you are ready and he has come to take you on a journey to help you to re-awaken to your Divine life purpose, your soul mission, a purpose which emanates infinite Divine love.

Taking his hand in yours and feeling completely at ease and excited for this journey, you stand up from where you had been sitting, and he hands you a beautiful fluorite crystal in the shape of a three dimensional star. As you look at the green and purple crystal, you notice its sacred geometrical shape, it is the one that governs all the laws of nature, found in all things, and you reach out for the crystal in awe and touch it gently.

Still holding Archangel Chamuel’s hand, you are both transported up into the clouds, and aquamarine sky, flying high above through stars and galaxies and feeling completely exhilarated with the moons glow lighting your way as the stars twinkle and sparkle around you, smiling at you, beckoning and welcoming you on your way.

Archangel Chamuel is taking you to his Etheric Retreat. In the distance you can see this magnificent temple, you land gently in a beautiful rose garden with steps of white marble leading up to the entrance. Climbing the steps he beckons you to follow him. From the entrance hall and fountain you enter a long corridor.  You notice the ornate rose gold pressed ceiling and the temple floors and walls are all made of pale pink rose quartz.

Finally you enter a large room, in the center is a wooden table with two chairs and on the table is a vase of the most beautiful bright pink Hibiscus flowers you have ever seen. Next to the vase is a jug of golden liquid and a pink crystal goblet.

Walking towards the table Archangel Chamuel beckons you to sit down. He reaches for one of the Hibiscus flowers and hands it you as a gift asking you to hold it closely to your heart for healing. The liquid in the jug he says is a very special angelic elixir; it is the Christ Consciousness Energy that will help you access the awareness of infinite Divine love and your true Divine purpose.

He picks up the jug of shimmering golden liquid and pours it into the crystal goblet handing it to you and beckoning you to take a sip and drink.

Lifting the goblet to your lips, the liquid smells beautifully fragrant, it is a rich honey gold colour and you can’t help but feel an immense sense of peacefulness and calm overcome you. The liquid is delicious and refreshing and it is as if a golden energy is filling and lighting up your entire being, every aspect of you from the tips of your toes and your earth star chakra to the top of your head and out of your crown chakra is lit with golden light.

Archangel Chamuel stands in front of you now placing his hand on your heart chakra and stating these words: “Let there be light where I AM that I AM.” Like the blossoming of a lotus flower with a spark of golden light, your heart chakra begins to open gently one petal at a time as you receive this mighty Archangel’s gift of healing, melting down all walls, barriers and blockages.

As your heart swells and expands, a beautiful golden light beams forth, radiating pink, green and golden light in all directions, filling you and surrounding you. You feel completely at ease, blissful as the Christ Consciousness Energy fills your entire being radiating forth. All past pain, fear, hurt, anxiety, loneliness, despair, negativity and separation is immediately lifted from you now and transmuted into love as you are healed in the presence of the golden Christ light.

You notice how you begin to embody this healing light, it is uplifting, comforting and inspirational, it is nurturing, cleansing and transformational, it is absolute infinite Divine love filling you with complete perfection, wholeness, and integration, It is perfect peace, unifying and Oneness with your true Divine Source.

As you allow this blissfulness to enfold you, bathing you in golden cosmic light Archangel Chamuel speaks to you gently, reminding you that this is a way of life, it is a path, which you have free will to choose and follow.

Archangel Chamuel continues to speak to you by saying:

“By simply tapping within you, you already know the truth of who you are as a child of your Creator and what is true for you. Be your authentic self. Everything is possible. Simply choose to acknowledge this truth and anchor this Christ Conscious energy into your being and emanate this golden light.

 This Divine golden essence and elixir of Christ energy exists within you forever. It is your birthright, it has the power to dissolve all negativity bringing calmness, balance and harmony into your entire energy system and towards transforming others, and the world, through radiating universal peace. See this light, feel this golden energy. The path to infinite Divine love, inner peace and your true Divine purpose can only be found through love, love for your self and love for others, you must choose to live each moment in love, see this love in everything and embody this now.”

Thanking Archangel Chamuel, you stand up from the chair and still holding the Hibiscus flower in your hand, you turn to embrace him as he lovingly bids you farewell, placing you in pink and golden etheric bubble of protective light supported by Angels on all four sides. He once again hands you the fluorite crystal in the shape of a star.

Admiring its sacred geometric shape once more, you gently reach out to touch it and you are magically transported again up into the clouds travelling through time and space, stars and galaxies and feeling completely calm, healed and blissfully at peace.

Finding yourself once again in the grassy meadow of where your journey began.

You open your hand still holding the Hibiscus flower… you hold the bright pink flower to your nose and inhale its delicate fragrance and just one word pops into your mind … “Unity!”

Smiling at the synchronicity of the flowers message, feeling joyful and laughing at your magical journey, still holding the delicate flower with your hand gently upon your heart, you remember everything Archangel Chamuel told you. You know the golden Christ light lives on within you now, and we are all One.

CoWhen you are ready …… gently…. very gently …  come back to the room slowly by wriggling your toes and rubbing your fingers……. take a gentle breath in and out and open your eyes. Make sure you are feeling grounded…. you have undergone a very deep healing, take a salt bath and drink lots of water over the next few days.