Bringing Healing To Earth With Archangel Sandalphon

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Bringing Healing To Earth With Archangel Sandalphon – By Caroline Matshele

Sitting comfortably, take a deep breath all the way down to the bottom of your lungs, and exhale slowly.

As you relax your body and looking at the stars and the full moon above, visualise a light emanating from a star above your head. The light shines bright and it’s your favourite colour. This light enters at the top of your head, filling you with joy and healing energy. It moves down into your neck, your arms, your stomach, and your feet. It then exits at the bottom of your feet and forms roots that flow into the earth, connecting you to the core of the earth. The light rises back up the roots and cocoons you in a warm permeable bubble. You are now grounded and protected.

As you take another deep breath and exhale slowly, you hear heavenly music. The music is soothing and its melody is relaxing to your spirit. As you look up you see a light shining all the way to the heavens. There is the mighty Archangel Sandalphon standing in front of you in all his glory. His light is so tall that it reaches all the way to the heavens. He smiles at you and then points you to the middle of the room. There you see a round object. As you look closer you realise that it is the Earth. Archangel Sandalphon signals to you that together you can heal the Earth.

You both then open up your Heart Chakras. As you do so you see a bright healing light of your favourite colour emanating from your heart centre and flowing towards the earth. As it covers the earth you can feel it touching and healing the trees, the grass, and the animals walking the earth. You then feel it flow into the ocean, touching the fish, the dolphins and bringing healing to all other sea creatures. The light then goes into buildings, houses, hospitals, touching and bringing healing to all of humanity. This light then goes deep down into the earth, touching and healing the core of the Earth.

The Earth then starts to vibrate as it absorbs this bright healing energy.

The light exits the Earth and is absorbed by the Moon and the Stars in the Universe.

Archangel Sandalphon thanks you for helping to heal the earth, and hands you a gift. He tells you that this gift is the answer to your questions. You take another deep breath as you open this gift, and take your time to absorb it.

Archangel Sandalphon then bids you farewell. You thank him as he takes his leave.

You then become aware of your surroundings. Gently moving your fingers and toes and taking a deep slow breath.

Then thank yourself for the work that you have done for the earth.