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Archangel Jophiel by Faye Moolman

Jophiel’s name means “beauty of God”. This archangel is the Angel of Wisdom and Illumination and is in charge of the Crown Chakra bringing down wisdom and enlightenment to those that walk an Ascension path.

Find a comfortable position and close your eyes. Concentrate and focus on your breath and start to feel yourself relaxing. As you breathe allow your breaths to become more relaxed going from short shallow breaths to a longer duration.

Imagine a magnificent golden root system coming through the soles of your feet. See a tap root and a vast adventurous root system going down through the soil until you see/feel a red Ruby crystal and allow your roots to wrap themselves around the ruby crystal. See it getting stronger and stronger.  You are one with the earth.

Feel the colour red rising up and filling your entire root system and allow it to come up through all your chakras and shooting out the top of your head like a gentle volcano showering, drenching and cascading down in stars forming a beautiful golden cocoon around you. Now put an angel below you, an angel above you, one to the left, one to the right, one at your back and one in front of you.

See the colours of the chakras starting at your feet – black, red, orange, yellow, green with pink centered light, blue, indigo, gold and white.  Allow the energy of these chakras to move up the body grounding and protecting you as they do so. Your Guardian Angel and Guides are with you. You are completely and utterly safe.

You find yourself in a peaceful garden of flowers and trees. In the distance there is a water fall and a beautiful indigenous forest.  The mountains are snowcapped. There is a river running with shining rainbow trout swimming upstream.

Out of the forest a unicorn appears carrying Archangel Jophiel.

He stands before you and dismounts and with you walks towards the waterfall.

He indicates to you to stand under the waterfall so that you can be cleansed.

You step under the water knowing that you are safe and secure. As it cascades down your body see all the negativity leaving your body. At first the water looks dark and murky and you continue standing under the water until it runs clear.

Safely stepping out of the water he places a beautiful cloak around you.

Listen to what Archangel Jophiel is telling you.

He says “Perhaps things in your life are very difficult at the moment.

Remember that you create your own realities and you might have drawn these issues into your life because of the lessons that now need to be learnt and completed from this. Please describe the situation to me”

Archangel Jophiel listens carefully to what you have to say……………………………..

He then stretches out his hand and places it on top of your head filling you with wisdom and light and enlightening and opening you up to the solution to your problem. …………………

Thank him for helping you find the inner wisdom within yourself and everyone involved.

You also thank him for his intervention in helping you create a beautiful outcome.

Now watch as Archangel Jophiel once again gets back on the Unicorn and disappears into the forest.

Thank your Guardian and your guides for accompanying you on this journey.

Take a deep breath and release all that air

Take another deep breath and slowly start to bring yourself back to the room ensuring that you are grounded.