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The Healing of Africa and Introduction to Archangel Afrael


Once a year the Angel Connection School of Africa celebrates Angel Connection Day. This year the date is the 13th October 2019.

On this day we request that as many people as possible join in the visualisation so that our combined energies can heal and uplift Africa.  However this visualisation should be repeated as often as possible because it will assist the healing to continue.

All proceeds from this visualisation will be going to the Bursary Fund of the Angel Connection School enabling someone to attend Teacher Training assisting with the lighting up of Africa.  This year the theme is “The Healing of Africa”.

Angel Day – Visualization

Feel your feet planted firmly on the ground. Feel golden roots grounding you to the African soil, wrapping themselves around a carnelian crystal. Feel the energy of the Carnelian crystal moving back up through the roots into the soles of your feet. Archangel Metatron places an orange cloak for protection around you, which he zips up from your feet to under your chin and places a hood over your head covering your third eye.

The carnelian energy is there to assist with sending the light through Africa. Feel the warmth and energy of the crystal as it moves through your body, entering and energizing every cell every cell of your body. Feel this crystal light energy move through your calves, your thighs, your stomach, your chest, your neck to the top of your head.  Take a few moments to connect with this crystal light energy. Feel this now move out through your aura and the light bodies surrounding your physical body.

Know that you are safe and secure as you are about to be part of this sacred ritual to move the light through Africa.

Carnelian represents the energy of Africa with shades of orange to reflect the magnificent sunsets that occur on this special continent.

Find yourself standing in front of the portal that has been created in Rheenendal, your feet planted firmly on the ground. Know that you are safe and secure.

The group of lightworkers that have committed to this work stand next to you in this circle. Surrounding the circle are the masters, angels, archangels, devas, nature spirits and all the light beings that have agreed to assist in this process. They are organized in a geometric pattern that will assist to propel and sustain the light through Africa.

Archangel Metatron, Lord Serepis Bey, Archangel Gabriel, Lord Afra and Archangel Afreal surround this circle of light beings and lightworkers.

Take a few moments to feel the energy of this gathering specifically congregated to send light through Africa.

Carnelian crystals have been placed in the same geometric pattern to support sending the light.

As you become comfortable and accustomed to the powerful energies you notice that a golden vortex of energy has been created and is spinning in the centre of the circle. This golden vortex of energy is spinning in a clockwise direction.  See the golden vortex move through the portal and as it does so it splits into millions of mini vortices clearing the solar plexus chakras of all those living on the African continent in an instant. Take a few moments to visualize this – as the light beings and crystal energy assists with this.

Now see South Africa, the solar plexus of the planet, become a golden vortex of energy. The vortex is spinning into the cosmos and the mirror image of the vortex down into planet earth. Clearing the fear of the planet that is held here energetically. As this earth chakra is cleared, beams of light move through the ley lines and cover the African continent which is now glowing with a white light which changes into shades of orange and then becomes a deep glowing amber light filling the hearts, minds and souls of all the beings who have chosen to live and be part of the magical continent of Africa.

We thank all the beings of light who have assisted with this process.

In deep gratitude – we thank them.

Slowly feel yourself coming back to the room, rub your thumb over your fingers and slowly open your eyes when you are ready.

We now say 3 ohms to close and to lift any residual energy into the light – as you do so see the ohm sound moving up through Africa.

Written by Deborah Sampson