Anchoring the new energies with Archangel Sandalphon.

/Anchoring the new energies with Archangel Sandalphon.
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Anchoring the new energies with Archangel Sandalphon. By Arnold Sachs.

Feel yourself sitting comfortably in a chair with your back straight and your feet on the ground. Wriggle around to get comfortable and close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in and slowly breathe out.

Take another deep breath in and slowly breathe out.

Imagine beautiful golden roots growing out through the soles of your feet, growing down, down, down to the centre of the earth. Feel them gently wrap themselves around a giant black tourmaline crystal, grounding and protecting you. Feel pure white light flow back up the roots, up through the Earth, up into the soles of your feet to your ankles, up your legs, through your hips and up into your chest. Feel the light flow-down your arms, whilst continuing up through your neck,  through your head, out the top of your head and cascading all around you, wrapping you in a beautiful white protective cocoon of light.

Feel Archangel Michael wrap you in his protective blue cloak, cocooning you in his light.

You are safe and at peace.

Imagine yourself standing on the top of a huge mountain range at sunrise. It is warm and still. A gentle breeze ruffles your hair as you take in a deep breath. The air is clean and fresh. You continue breathing smoothly and evenly as you take in the magnificent vista all around you.

As the Sun continues to rise, it’s myriad of different colours start to merge giving rise to a perfectly clear day.

Looking out over the valley ahead of you, you see what appears to be a gigantic column of pure turquoise light floating towards you. The column is huge, extending all the way up, beyond the sky whilst at the same time penetrating down into the Earth.

You are calm and relaxed as you feel the incredible love, warmth and tenderness radiating out from the column in all directions, almost like a mist of ethereal form.

As the column floats towards you, you feel yourself cocooned by its incredibly gentle and protective energy. You know that you are in the presence of a mighty being of light and that he has come forward at this time to assist you and the planet, – as we all take the next amazing step on our evolutionary path.

As your eyes continue to adjust to the light, you notice a form walking towards you. You also hear the most beautiful and uplifting music that seems to emanate from everywhere. As it gets nearer, you notice the ethereal form extends beyond your vision, and continues up into the heavens. His physical form however is smaller, calm and comforting.

He says that he is the mighty Archangel Sandelphon and that he is honoured and over joyed to connect with you now. He explains that he often acts as bridge, connecting Heaven and earth. He also assists humanity by carrying our prayers to Source.

He continues to explain that one of the greatest gifts he has for us, is to help anchor the light of Heaven into our bodies, whilst at the same time anchoring this heavenly light into the earth.

He explains that without being properly grounded, people, especially light workers, are unable to truly function at our optimum and fulfil the important work we are here to do, namely- to help facilitate the transition of Earth and all her kingdoms ( the Plant kingdom, the Animal kingdom, the Mineral and Ocean kingdoms, the Elementals, Humanity and everything else) into a higher dimension.

He beckons you to come closer and to step into the beautiful energy field surrounding him. Archangel Sandalphon now tells you that there is incredibly powerful and much needed Light Energy that must be grounded into the planet at this time. He asks you now if you are willing and able to assist him to bring forth this new energy?

He thanks you and proceeds to place his hands on your shoulders.

They are soft and warm.

He now asks you to take in a deep breath and as you do so, you feel the magnificent, pure energy streaming into your shoulders. As it flows down your body, it surrounds all your internal organs and bones, bathing them in incredible, healing and rejuvenating energy. The light continues to flow through your body and out your feet into the Earth, where it spreads out in all directions, lighting up everything.

Archangel Sandalphon explains to you that this energy will continue to extend to the core of the planet, whilst continuing to permeate every inch of the Earth flowing into and through each and every living creature. The energy is helping to remove and release the fears, anxiety and despair that are being held around the planet.

It is also replacing the old, stagnant energy with Love, Clarity, Tolerance, Joy and Mutual respect.

He asks you to simply continue to breathe deeply and evenly as the process of seeding this new energy continues and is completed.

He gently removes his hands from your shoulders and thanks you for all your help.

As an extra special thanks for your help, Archangel Sandalphon asks you if you have any particular problem, question or concern that you would like him to provide guidance on. Take a few minutes as you open up to him and listen carefully to his reply.

As Archangel Sandalphon begins to once again merge into the ethereal mist, he reminds you that he is always around and always willing to provide guidance and insights to you, as well as help take your prayers to God.

Take a deep breathe in and slowly breathe out. (X2)

Slowly bring your awareness back to the here and now. Feel the chair or cushions around you. Rub your thumbs and forefingers together.

You are completely grounded and protected.

When you are ready open your eyes .