Samantha Le Roux

Samantha Le Roux

Samantha is a registered Spiritual Teacher trained by Margi McAlpine & affiliated with the Angel Connection School of Africa, a Certified Flower Therapy Healer (Robert Reeves – Naturopath – Australia) and Reiki Practitioner.

Samantha’s healing interest, passion and spiritual focus is in the holistic health and well-being of Youth. Because often healing is influenced by what goes on “at home” – her work is dual focused, she works with both Parents and Youth to promote their spiritual development, health and well-being.

Through Serenity she provides an educational platform for Parents and Childminders as well as a networking forum for other Therapists / Healers working with Youth to provide spiritual nourishment and share their expertise – This is called the “Serenity Spiritual Network.” The Spiritual Network includes special events, workshops and other educational tools for Parents and Youth.

In her personal capacity and through her Practice “Serenity Natural Healing”, she also conducts her own Flower Therapy Healing Sessions for Clients, Crystal and Flower Essence Consultations and she offers a range of her own unique, natural, vibrational healing creations. These include the Serenity Crystal and Flower Essences,  Healing Mist Sprays, Natural Skin Care and other Healing products that are soon to be available through her on-line shop and website at


Tel: 071 125 0326



Areas: Befordview and Rivonia