Christine Moore

Christine Moore:

I trained as a teacher with the Angel Connection School in September 2015. I am also a qualified trauma counsellor. I do angel card readings, energy balancing and healing, visualisations and meditations. I run workshops that help people deal with issues such as forgiveness, anxiety disorders, manifesting and dealing with the general stresses of life.

I have completed various training courses at different institutions over the past six years, including cleansing and mediumship.

I have two children aged 16 and 10 who are wonderfully spiritual and with their own talents that I encourage. We are involved with the community and help with animal rescue. I am also on the neighbourhood watch management team and am part of the trauma team who contains a scene prior to the CIC arriving.

I am involved at our local school on a volunteer basis and work with children quite often who discuss various issues (unofficially) while I’m running the library.

For my day job, I am an editor, writer and project manager on a variety of publications, mostly academic, which allows me the freedom to do all of the above.



Tel: 083 658 3896