Erusha Pillay

Erusha Pillay

My compassion and commitment to improving and enhancing the lives of others has led me to start PINK LOTUS LIFE. I wanted to learn as much as I could about alternative forms of healing. I realised that Reiki and Meditation techniques was my calling and I researched the best teachers to train me.
In March 2013 I became an Angel & Ascension Teacher with the Angel Connection School of Africa. My teacher is Margi McAlpine who is the founder & principle of the school. I have been taught how to facilitate workshops to educate people on working with the Angels & Archangels, keeping our Chakras aligned & balanced, as well as learning about our Ascension path & working with the Ascended Masters.

My compassion, patience, gentle personality, and commitment have proven to be a gift to my clients, enhancing their overall experience.
I’ve always had a desire and passion to give and take care of others. Prior to my Reiki training, I received a Bachelor of Social Science degree in Psychology & Marketing from UKZN – In August 2012 I became a Reiki practitioner taught by Reiki Master Sue Van Heerden.



Tel: 082 370 9859