Poetry By Antoinette Hagan




  Have you ever been, to this beautiful land?

Unless you have gone, you really won’t understand

 Where the sunsets take, my breath away

 Where the sky’s a colour, I can honestly say

I’ve never seen, anywhere else before

 And the earth is a colour, of red, I adore.

 The energy there, it beats in my heart

 There’s something about it, that sets it apart

From anywhere else, that I’ve ever been

 It’s beauty, is truly a sight, rarely seen

So I ask you, not to judge Africa, please

Unless you have been, unless you have seen

The magnificence, of this ancient place

Her spirit and wisdom shows on Her face.


 I say release now, let go of sorrow

 Rest  my child, for from tomorrow

 All pain, all hurt will cease to exist

 You will live a life of total bliss

 With the angels by your side

 There’s no excuse, no need to hide

 For in their wings you will always be

 Safe and loved eternally.

In times of doubt, in times of need

Just call my name and I will succeed

 To bring you joy, to bring you peace

 To give you courage to release

 All blocks, all obstacles in your way

That stop you from living each new day

 In unconditional love and light

I am beside you day and night.



 Please never forget what we were all born to be

 We were born to be happy, to spread love and be free

 To live with peace and contentment in our beautiful hearts

To stay true to that feeling and it’s now time to start

To remember that person inside of you all

 It’s time to accept this and take down the wall

 That you’ve built up around you, to keep your love in

If we all start to do this, in time we’ll begin

To see the amazing effect it will have on this earth

And for peace and contentment, no more shall we search.



I must confess, I have to admit

 That at times in my life, I would often sit

 And think to myself “What’s the point of this?

 Why do I feel, that I’ve gone amiss?”

 And an inner voice, would announce

“I have arrived, you have the choice

 To let your mind, rule your heart

 Let’s get this straight, right from the start

Move inside your soul instead

It is from here, that you will be fed

With everything you need to know

It is from here, that you will grow.”

And so it is, that I have found

That message to be most profound

In times of doubt, in times of need

 It never ceases to succeed

 In pulling me through, those difficult times

 To a place, that is most sublime.