Unity – “We are one”

Meditation by Margi McAlpine

“Unity – We are One”

Light some candles and incense.

Sit quietly in a comfortable position ensuring that you will not be disturbed.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply and evenly, deeply and evenly. Every breath you take makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Become aware of your feet very firmly on the ground. Beautiful little golden roots anchoring you to the magical energy of the African soil.

Archangel Michael stands behind you holding his Royal Blue Cloak of protection in his hands. Feel him place the cloak around your shoulders and become aware of the weight of it as he does so. He then zips it up from under your feet to under your chin, placing the hood over your head so that your Star, Crown and Third Eye Chakras are also protected.

You are now completely grounded, protected and safe.

Continue to breathe deeply and evenly, deeply and evenly.

Every breath you take makes you more relaxed taking you to a space of tranquility and serenity.

Breathing deeply and evenly, deeply and evenly………………………………………….

Become aware of your Guardian Angel standing beside you.

Your very beautiful Angel tells you that today is an extremely important day for Africa and the Planet.

Because of this auspicious day you are going to be taken to meet some mighty Beings where you will be asked to particpate in bringing unity and Oneness to all.

Your Angel accompanies you to a large clearing in the African Bush.

The sun is just starting to set and you are incredulous as you watch the beautiful colours of the African sunset and are aware of the Mighty Archangel Metatron who has brought these magnificent colours through with him. Many wild animals are drinking together peacefully at a waterhole including elephants, buck, lion, wildebeeest, leopards and many smaller creatures watched by the benevolent eyes of a fat hippo and a lazy crocodile who are in the water. There is a sense of peace and harmony as they are watched over by Lord Metatron.

Your Guardian Angel now ushers your forward into a circle made up of other lightworkers who are all participating in today’s task.

You look around the circle and see people of all colours, race, age and cultures. Everyone is smiling and excited that they have been invited to participate!

There is the sound of a trumpet and Archangel Gabriel once again raises it to his lips and then announces the arrival of Lord Serapis Bey accompanied by Lord Afra.

They stand in the middle of the circle and are now joined by Lord Metatron.

Lord Afra carries beautiful green ribbon in his hands. Together with Serapis Bey and Lord Metatron they move around the circle attaching the ribbon to the heart of each person that is there. In this way you are joined to your neighbour on either side of you as the ribbon is looped between you.

Lord Serapis Bey now says that each and everyone of you are joined at the heart. Therefore it is imperative that everyone beats to the same rythm for if anyone is out of step it will affect their neighbour who in turn will affect their neighbour so that it has a huge influence on everyone. You need to always be aware that you are no longer an individual but part of the Collective Consciousness ensuring that we are all One.

He asks you now to close your eyes and concentrate on the ribbon in your heart. He asks you to feel it attached to your neighbour on your left hand side and attached to your neighbour on your right hand side. He also asks you to become aware that you are also attached to all the animals as they are also part of the collectiveness.

As you become aware of the attachment you start to feel the ribbon beating and pulsing to a rythm. Feel the pulsing of millions of hearts all beating at the same time, at the same speed and at the same tone. Humans and animals alike, all beating to the same beat.

Lord Serapis now reaches out his hand and touches the ribbon and as he does so you feel an amazing and strong energy flowing between everyone. He says he gives you the gift of peace and tranquility…………………

Lord Afra now reaches out his hand and touches the ribbon and you feel the energy change. He says he gives you the gift of strength and “ubuntu” which is the African word for oneness………………………………………..

Lord Metatron now reaches out his hand and touches the ribbon and now you feel the ribbon vibrate and start to become lighter in colour, As the energy pulses through the ribbon you feel it becoming a lighter green going into a pale pink and eventually turning white. He says he has given you the gift of raising your vibration so that you are able to move into your Ascension process and as you do so you will assist Africa and the planet to go into Ascension as well ……………………………………………………………………….

Every cell in your body is vibrating and tingling. You become aware of a feeling of absolute belonging and a knowing that this is what you were incarnated to do; to facilitate a joining together of all in total unconditional love, peace and harmony making your senses come alive with happiness and joy!

These Mighty Beings thank you for becoming part of the collective whole and ask you to attach ribbon to the hearts of all that you come into contact with so that all can become part of the Collective Consciousness.They thank you for the work that you do as Lightworkers and ask you to continue to enlighten and empower those around you.

They greet and bless you and start to fade into the distance.

As they do so you see the sun set and a beautiful calmness and serenity fills your heart and mind.

Your Guardian Angel once again stands at your side and now takes you back to where you started.

Bring your awareness back to the room.

Feel yourself back in your chair.

Rub your thumbs over your fingertips and when you are ready please open your eyes ensuring that you are grounded.