Teacher training


Teacher Training Courses

The aim of all the Teacher Training courses is to allow participants to lead their own workshops in their chosen area.  The course will empower participants with knowledge, skills, confidence and capabilities so that they are able to go out and enlighten and empower others. At the same time, the School will provide support for the teachers so that they never feel isolated in the work they are doing. The material for each course has been very carefully developed. Each course also facilitates personal development and Spiritual knowledge.  On graduation, participants are encouraged to become members of the School, so that together we can carry the work forward.

Initiation Connection Module

This is the introductory module and needs to be completed before any of the other modules are commenced. In this module the teacher is shown how to compile workshops, to prepare and present visualisations and meditations, communication and listening skills, people skills,  advertising and much more. This is the foundation for the other courses and applicable to all courses.

Time to complete this module is 2 days.

The Angel Connection Module

This module aims to provide the knowledge and skills needed to teach others about Angels. Included are techniques to enhance the experience of working and connecting to Angels as well as extensive information on the Angels and Archangels. There is the option of attending the Initiation and Angel Course and then completing the Ascension Course at a later stage. Once completed, the successful participant is certified as an Angel Connection Teacher of The Angel Connection School of Africa and is qualified to run their own Angel workshops.

Time to complete this module is 6 days or 8days if the Initiation Connection module has not been completed.

The Ascension Connection Module

This module has been developed to enable participants to empower and enlighten others by facilitating their move onto their Ascension path.  Ascension of individuals and of the Planet is critical at this moment in time which is why this module is of vital importance. Many important techniques and exercises to facilitate Ascension are taught as well as working with the Ascended Masters. It is a requirement that participants have completed the Initiation Connection and Angel Connection courses prior to doing this course. Once completed, the successful participant is certified as an Ascension Connection Teacher of The Angel Connection School of Africa.

Time to complete this module is 6 days or 14 days if the Initiation and Angel Connection modules have not been completed.

New and Affiliated Courses

New courses, encompassing information that is pertinent to Africa are under development . This is of extreme importance and will be offered as soon as possible. All teachers will be encouraged to complement their skills with the new information so that the enlightenment and healing of Africa can be accelerated.